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Brother Christopher Arnott at New Haven Theatre Jerk

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My colleague Kristin Eschenfelder’s Terms of Disagreement

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Voice Things

Trinity Episcopal Church (Bloomington, IN) Adult Choir

Luther Memorial Church (ELCA) Adult Choir and Compline Choir

Madison Early Music Festival


Lute Things

Madison Early Music Festival


Former musical groups still held in high esteem

Ann Arbor Cantata Singers, Ann Arbor, Michigan

Pittsburgh Compline Choir, Pittsburgh, PA

Some of my former churches (and choirs)

“Be sure you choose what you believe and know why you believe it, because if you don’t choose your beliefs, you may be certain that some belief, and probably not a very creditable one, will choose you.” [Robertson Davies, The Manticore (London: Penguin, 1972; pp. 477-478)]

St. Andrew’s Episcopal, Ann Arbor, Michigan (1984-1992)

St. Luke’s Episcopal, Evanston, IL (1992-1993)

St. Mark’s Episcopal, Evanston, IL (1992-1993)

Trinity Episcopal, Fort Wayne, IN (1993-1997)

Sacred Heart Roman Catholic, Pittsburgh, PA (1997-2002)

St. Paul’s Cathedral (Episcopal)  Syracuse, NY (2002-2005)

St. Peter’s Episcopal, Cazenovia, NY (2005-2006)