Awards and Honors

Happy Girl

Research Support

Social Security Administration. September 2010.   “Public Libraries as Financial Literacy Providers”  [with Kristin R. Eschenfelder]

This award was administered by the Center for Financial Security at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Our project focuses on public libraries and their support for financial literacy. A white paper can be found on the CFS website here.

James and Sylvia Thayer Short-Term Research Fellowship, UCLA Libraries and Collections (Los Angeles, CA) 2010

This competitive fellowship “facilitates access to special collections materials for researchers and scholars residing outside of the Los Angeles area”. It supported 2 weeks of residency surveying the Baby Books collection at the Louise Darling Biomedical Library. Analysis of the data is continuing.

“Online Social Networking” [NIH R21 grant, National Institute for Stroke and Neurological Disorders) in collaboration with the University of Utah, Brigham & Women’s Hospital (Boston, MA), and PatientsLikeMe (Cambridge, MA) 2009

This grant funds research into patient language found in electronic medical records and online community folksonomy.

“Personal Health Records, Public Libraries”. Subcontract, Specialized Information Services Division, National Library of Medicine 2009

This subcontract funded research into the challenges and implications of personal health records for public libraries.

University of Wisconsin Graduate School Research Award 2008

University of Wisconsin-Madison Nominee, Mellon New Directions Fellowship 2008

Electronic Records Fellowship (National Historic Preservation and Records Commission) 2005

This research grant supported a collaboration with Johns Hopkins Medical Institute archivists in a data modeling project to inform our understanding of historic and contemporary medical record content.

“Electronic Health Records: Sharing Knowledge While Preserving Privacy”. Research Award (IBM Center for Healthcare Management) 2003

This was an award given by IBM’s “e-health initiative” to support my research into knowledge representation in clinical documents. It resulted in publication of a monograph available online.

“The Ten Thousand Questions Project”. Donald A.B. Lindberg Research Fellowship (Medical Library Association) 2002

This fellowship supported research into consumer health terminology as expressed in Web-based consumer questions.

Paper awards

Diana Forsythe Award, American Medical Informatics Association [for Østerlund, C., Dosa, N.P., & Smith, C.A. (2005). “Mother knows best: Medical record management for patients with spina bifida during the transition from pediatric to adult care.” AMIA Annual Proceedings, 580-4] 2005

Honors either a peer-reviewed AMIA paper published in the Proceedings of the Annual Symposium or peer-reviewed article published in JAMIA or other journals publishing medical informatics-related content that best exemplifies the spirit and scholarship of Diana Forsythe’s work at the intersection of informatics and social sciences with a cash prize.

Best Research Paper, Annual Meeting of the Medical Library Association, San Antonio, TX [for my invited paper, “Taxonomy development for meaningful data analysis”.] 2005

I received this award for my invited paper, “Taxonomy development for meaningful data analysis”.

Honorable Mention, Best New Researcher Award, Medical Library Association Annual Conference (Vancouver, BC) [for my paper ” Alternative medicine: The long history of a trend”] 2000

Catherine Ofiesh Orner Award, School of Information Sciences, University of Pittsburgh [for “The semantics of display: Hierarchies and classification.” 2000

This is an annual prize given to the student at the School of Information Sciences who submits “the most original and innovative paper in information science suitable for publication.” I received the Orner Award for my paper entitled The semantics of display: Hierarchies and classification which examines the evolution of hierarchies for use in navigation of information spaces.

Teaching and Learning

Jeffrey Katzer Award for Teaching and Service, School of Information Studies, Syracuse University. 2006

This award is given to the instructor in the School of Information Studies who receives the most student votes for outstanding teaching. Graduate students and undergraduate students vote in alternate years.

National Library of Medicine Medical Informatics Trainee, Center for Biomedical Informatics, University of Pittsburgh 1997-2002